Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tech Links: March 14, 2013

Every single time I walk into an Apple Store.
Source: Avengers (2010) #32


Even Google won't be around for ever, let alone Facebook: In the world of internet technology a company can go from zero to hero in a very short time

Record labels object to Apple's proposed low royalty rate for streaming service

Would you have guessed that 160 people work at Buzzfeed?


The Coolest Experience I Had as an Apple Store Employee


The Apple iWatch Rumors Just Became Apple iWatch Reports

Electronic tattoo filled with sensors reads your vitals, reports them wirelessly

Google Glass: is it a threat to our privacy?


"Copyright Trolling" is a term used (by opponents of the practice) to describe copyright holders filing subpoenas to residential ISPs for the identities matched to IP addresses linked to content piracy. In this case, the piracy is often via BitTorrent networks, where peers can see each other's public IP addresses. Rather than filing suit after obtaining these identities, the content copyright holders attempt to extract settlements on the order of $2,000-3,000 from named ISP subscribers to avoid going to court. That's their plan anyway. The recent (and ongoing) story of Prenda Law demonstrates how turning the threat of copyright infringement lawsuits into a moneymaking venture (allegedly with a lawyer as both plaintiff -- through a shell company -- and counsel) can go very wrong for the "trolls"...

How I Got 10,000 Twitter Followers In A Week: Alastair Duncan, the creator of the popular Twitter account Star Trek & The City (previously), discusses his viral fame and interviews the creators of other popular Twitter parodies: Modern Day Seinfeld, Not Tilda Swinton and The Average Shark. The article also discusses Big Ben, Kim Kierkegaard and the hilarious fake Michael Haneke.
The Pirate Bay has announced via a blog post that they will be using North Korea as a haven to serve pages without facing prosecution from copyright authorities. There are some doubts about the whole situation - the "Kim Jung-Bay" signed blog post itself only suggests a "new provider", and while traceroutes have shown traffic going through North Korea, though there is also a thorough technical explanation of how it could be faked.

Why teens are tiring of Facebook: Facebook has become a social network that's often too complicated, too risky, and, above all, too overrun by parents to give teens the type of digital freedom they crave.

Reading & Discussion

From 'WarGames' to Aaron Swartz: How U.S. anti-hacking law went astray

Resources & Utilities

instaGrok is a website that presents information in a mindmap-style visual interface, which allows users to learn about topics by exploring the connections between concepts and facts.


16 Golden Retrievers teach all about atoms. (SLYT) I for one would have probably done much better in chemistry if had been explained this way.

Folk Neuroscience: how inaccurate neurological concepts have become cultural staples.


Cypherpunk rising: WikiLeaks, encryption, and the coming surveillance dystopia by R. U. Sirius.


How to track your stolen laptop or smartphone.

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