Monday, March 11, 2013

Link Round-Up: March 11, 2013

Source: Silicon

13 Ridiculously Cool Buildings Made of Ice

File these away for your next fictional arctic/volcanic setting: Russia has some amazing ice caves.
I’d want this on every portable device I’d ever own: This iPhone case sports a simulated bubble wrap feature.

McDonald’s Has Names For Each Of The 4 Different McNugget Shapes.

The new SimCity has had a very poor launch, and among its woes it can now include Amazon ceasing sales of digital download copies of the game. Some are holding out hope that the difficulties are just a part of the simulation, like Godzilla stomping your infrastructure. In better news, Age of Empires II will be on Steam soon.

Only six minutes? It’s Everything Wrong With Twilight in Six Minutes. A bit like staking vampire fish in a barrel, but there you go.

Splitman 2 is a game where your heroic powers include using enemy saw blades to make more of yourself. Use these clones to solve each platforming level, and try not to feel bad about the fact you callously leave them behind.

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