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Tech Links: March 20, 2013

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His charm was not resistible. Her capacity was massive. They had good potential together. The coupling was electrical.


The Future of Customer Service: These Companies Are Getting it Right


App from Dutch director Bobby Boermans is an appropriately titled horror film that encourages viewers to download a free app that delivers second screen content during the movie. The film follows psychology student Anna Rijnders, who becomes addicted to apps, social media, and her smartphone. Rijnders finds a mysterious app called IRIS that begins sending cryptic texts as people around her die in mysterious ways. The second screen app for viewers — which looks like a cross between Apple’s Siri voice assistant and Hal 9000 — is available for iOS and Android, has information about the movie and its cast, and will deliver related content at select points throughout the film. App will hit Dutch theaters on April 4th, and enterprising filmmakers around the world will likely be watching to see how audiences react to the unique second screen tactic.
Meet the Rules of the Internet

Thorin Klosowski explains "Why I Stopped Pirating and Started Paying for Media," while EveryLibrary admonishes you to Beg, Borrow, Steal.

Why Do Movies About ‘The Information Age’ Hide Information?


Intel offers snapshot of an ‘Internet minute’

Tumblr Is Not What You Think


Nearly one-third of U.S. adults have abandoned a news outlet due to dissatisfaction

The Supreme Court has held that the First Sale Doctrine applies to copyrighted material manufactured and sold abroad. This has a lot of implications for the e-book market.

Resources & Utilities

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live These Alternatives, Including Digg's

The Maker Map is an open source project aiming to create a global database of maker resources – from workspaces to incubators – powered by the maker community and easily searchable on any device.


Dish Network Responds to Fox’s Latest Attempt Shut Down Its Hopper


Delete This: 7 Tips For Getting Your Inbox To Zero

Siri and Scroll trick turns iBook into audiobooks

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