Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tech Links: March 27, 2013


Orders Cut, as Publisher and Retailer Quarrel: A standoff over financial terms has prompted the bookstore chain Barnes & Noble to cut back substantially on the number of titles it orders from the publishing house Simon & Schuster... This is the first time that Barnes & Noble has used the sales of books as a negotiating tool, industry executives say.


The curious incident of the books on the Kindle

When will Kindle's become free?

Quarter of U.S. Buys Ebooks, Number Expected to Nearly Double by 2014


Amazon Introduces “Send to Kindle” Button for Offline Reading TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics . How To Add a ‘Send to Kindle’ Button on Your Site

Google Maps surmounts four of the Seven Summits: Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Everest Base Camp (Asia), and Mount Elbrus (Europe). It's not quite a "street" view of the Grand Canyon, but 360 degree panoramas.

A libertarian nightmare: Bitcoin meets Big Government

OMGif! "On Tuesday, Google announced via Google+ that Image Search now has an “Animated” filter. That means that if you’re only searching for animated magic, you need never be bothered with a still image again. Finally that search for Jennifer Lawrence GIFs from the Academy Awards just got a whole lot easier."

Reading & Discussion

Ebooks are actually not books—schools among first to realizing this fact

E-Retailers now accounting for nearly half of book sales

Nation's first bookless library on university campus is thriving at UTSA

What does the SCOTUS' Wiley v. Kirtsaeng decision mean for publishing

What If The Google Reader Readers Just Don’t Come Back?

Resources & Utilities

Draft seems like a great tool for collaborative writing. Unlike with Google Doc, Draft collaborators can’t overwrite the master copy. When you share your document using Draft, any changes your collaborator makes are on their own copy of the document, and you get to accept or ignore each individual change they make.

Jolidrive allows you to access all your content from across multiple services (Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, etc) with one login.


Digg Developing Google Reader Replacement

Google Keep: How Bad Timing May Have Doomed Google's Newest Release

Google Keep vs. Evernote

Video Games

The SimCity Debacle: Another lesson in why DRM is a bad idea

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