Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Link Round-Up: March 20, 2013

Alternative Android Logos
Last Study in Geek for 2012: alternative logos that Google could have used… though I imagine there would have been some copyright issues.
Happy New Year everyone!

20 Haunting Ghost Towns of the World.

Brilliant Spoofs of the Classic Fantasy Novel Map. These are funny even if you aren't all that familiar with the subject they parody.

Japan's educators and politicians quarrel about what students should learn about World War II so much that most students end up learning very little at all. As adults, they don't understand why the rest of Asia knows so much.

Can We Please Stop Drawing Trees on Top of Skyscrapers? Because it's not going to happen.

Nigel Ackland has the new Terminator-style Bebionic3 prosthetic hand. He shows us what it can do -including things human hands cannot do.

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