Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Links: March 26, 2012

Fight to the Death

Infographic: The Learning Power Of Lego

20 Criminal Cases Solved By Using Facebook

25 Facts You Should Know About Your Gray Matter
 Cheating casinos as a good Christian:  Group members believed what they were doing was consistent with their faith because they felt they were taking money away from an evil enterprise. Further, they did not believe that counting cards was inherently a bad thing; rather, it was merely using math skills in a game of chance.

Here's how to make The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Homeless on purpose, how a U1 philosophy student braves the elements, sleeps outside, and keeps an eye on his GPA Shane is a U1 Philosophy student at McGill, and has been homeless since July. He lives on campus, using its facilities like most of us use different rooms in a house. He eats his meals in student lounges and does push-ups in the library. He showers at the gym and stashes extra socks in convenient hiding spots. He won’t say where – he guards his possessions closely.

Instructions for squeezing a survival kit into a pill bottle.

Organized irreligion! This weekend , Washington, D.C. will be invaded by the voice of reason. A free rally featuring Tim Minchin, Paul Provenza, Richard Dawkins, Eddie Izzard, Adam Savage, James Randi, Bad Religion, and many others, in what is anticipated to be the largest gathering of non-believers in America. "If we don't organize, we will be the only ones not organized. Religion will be organized. We won't be organized. That means we lose... and they win."

Unconsumption is a Tumblr devoted to re-purposing old junk into new household items

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