Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tech Links: February 13, 2013


The 50 Best Employers In America

Amazon e-Book Sales Soar, Physical Publishers Grounded by Lengthy Payment Cycles

Barnes and Noble's hardest lesson: It pays to be small

Before He Died, Steve Jobs Said He Wanted Apple To Make A Car

Check Out Google's Crazy New Offices In Tel Aviv

Dish’s Charlie Ergen on Ads, Wireless, Cord-Cutting, Culture and Blockbuster

Live Recap: Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks at Goldman Conference

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2013


Today on XKCD's "What If...?", Randall Munroe runs the numbers of when and whether the Internet's throughput will ever exceed FedEx's sneakernet file-transfer capacity (one interesting note here: why not treat FedEx's trucks and planes full of hard-drives and SD cards as part of the Internet? After all, you book your FedEx pickup over TCP/IP, track it over TCP/IP, and pay for it over TCP/IP).


As Congress discusses restricting gun magazines, one group is releasing New 3-D Printed Rifle Magazine Lets You Fire Hundreds of Rounds.

Asus Releases World’s Smallest Router

How Much Should eBooks Cost?

Nintendo's Hardware Problem: "The Wii U is just a very strange product. Nintendo’s can’t compete with Microsoft and Sony on high-end gaming hardware. And they can’t compete with Apple on touchscreen-based gaming. So they seemingly did a half-assed job on both."

OUYA plans to release new video-game console every year

What an Apple Watch Would Do

Why Online Textbooks Still Don't Work


"The best way to reach the highest levels of Wikipedia popularity are to be a celebrity who (a) dies, or (b) plays the Super Bowl halftime show". Examining the popularity of Wikipedia articles: catalysts, trends, and applications. See also the annotated Top 25 Report.

Pirate Bay co-founder: “I can sit here and jerk off for 5 years. And I will.”

Reading & Discussion

Aaron Swartz wanted to save the world. Why couldn’t he save himself?

Apple Doesn’t Care, That’s Why It’s Winning


"Is scientific genius extinct?" That's the intriguing question posed by psychologist Dean Keith Simonton in Wednesday's publication of Nature.


10 must-know tips for your new iPad

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