Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OpEd: Computers Are Going To Disappear

Computers Are Going To Disappear:
"Unfortunately, using a computer sucks. The workflow for interacting with a computer goes something like this:
  • 1. I want to know something
  • 2. I decide to ask the computer
  • 3. I get the computer ready to accept my question
  • 4. I pose my question so that the computer can understand and enter it
  • 5. The computer returns information relevant to my answer
  • 6. I search that information for an answer
  • 7. I know the thing I wanted to know
I interact with the computer for steps two through six, but I only care about steps one and seven. I want to get rid of every step that involves a computer, and, luckily for me, computers are getting smart enough to do those steps for me.
That’s why computers are going to disappear. They’re learning how to do everything I use them for. There are three awesome examples of this that are leading software to help computers disappear."

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