Friday, February 8, 2013

Link Round-Up: February 8, 2012

This birdhouse inspired by Google Maps tells birds where home is.

Infographic: The Science of Smart.

5 Famous Scientists Who Started Their Work As Teens

10 Fascinating Facts About Earth

Blogger Bug Girl explains the finer points of male spider anatomy and, also, probably way more than you wanted to know about Peter Parker's personal life.

Megan Reardon of Not Martha wrote about seven iPhone games that she loves: Megan's recommendations for iPhones games to play on long flights.

New Recruit Hands His Drill Sergeant The Worst Best Reason For Joining The US Military Ever

Plain Chicken has posted a recipe for Pizza Pancakes. Who say you need to choose between breakfast and lunch?

There's a Tumblr devoted to Skyrim Confessions. Surprisingly, not one of them involves peeing into a bottle rather than pausing the game.

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