Monday, May 9, 2011

Daily Links: May 9, 2011

10 Fun Phone Facts from Telephone History

33 Things To Make Your Office Fun and Inspiring Again

FBI Vehicle Tracking Device:

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan's recent post on views outside airplane windows, BuzzFeed compiled a collection of "100 incredible airplane window views" from Flickr.

Kill Osama First-Person Shooter programmers at Kuma Games have been working long hours to crank out this timely, yet controversial game. "The virtual bin Laden, created over a rush of all-nighters by a team of game developers who specialize in turning current world events and military battles into playable video games, had somehow disappeared from the faithful recreation of his Pakistan compound." But the Kansas City Star asks, is this "cathartic, educational or just ghoulish?"

National Geographic names its choices for The Top 10 Underground Walks

What better way to show your mom you love her on Mother's Day than to send her as many spammy email forwards as she sent you all year? This is why the Internet was invented.

Your First Name Implies Your Age

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