Friday, May 13, 2011

Daily Links: May 13, 2011

10 Cool Sites that Monitor Space

10 Enduring Myths About the U.S. Space Program

33 Things To Make Your Office Fun and Inspiring Again

Convert text to Morse code and visa versa

Enter your location and destination into the Google Earth Driving Simulator, and take a virtual trip to anywhere!

"A few years from now, an hour with a good plumber- if you can find one- is going to cost more than an hour with a good psychiatrist. At which point we'll all be in need of both." Mike Rowe addresses the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation about the rapid decline in the trade labor force.  

Why a mobile phone ring may make bees buzz off: Insects infuriated by handset signals Signals from mobile phones could be partly to blame for the mysterious deaths of honeybees, new research shows. In the first experiment of its kind, a bee expert placed a mobile phone underneath a hive and then carefully monitored the reaction of the workers. Download the full report here: Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping.

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