Friday, May 6, 2011

Daily Links: May 6, 2011

Via: Reddit

100interviews: NYC writer and comedienne "No Fun" Gaby Dunn made a list of 100 types of people she knew existed but had never met. A transgendered person, someone who had been to prison, someone who had saved a life, a one-hit wonder, a psychic, someone from a third world country. She wanted to find out about all the stories she was missing out on, so she is interviewing every one of them.

Man's Best Friend Gets a High-Tech Home is a sandbox game where you can build your own marble run. More information.

Project Neon is an attempt to document the neon signs of New York City.

A video of Jell-O cubes bouncing, shot at 6200 frames per second for the truly bored.

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