Monday, December 17, 2012

Tech Links: December 14, 2012


7 Habits of Web-Savvy Entrepreneurs

The first 20 employees at Google and what they’re doing now.


10 Geeks You Should Know

Reading & Discussion

Harvard University is now on SoundCloud, sharing audio content that explores life, thought, science, business and art.

On average, a baby is born somewhere in the U.S. every ten seconds, and someone dies every 13 seconds. You can watch that happen in real time with the simulation map made with Google Drive.

Resources & Utilities

Are you currently apartment hunting? You might want to try PadMapper! It plots the apartments on a big map, and lets you filter for exactly what you want. There are also neat overlays to help you learn about the different areas.

CheatSheet shows you all the keyboard shortcuts of your currently active application.

Ever need to convert a PDF into a Keynote document? Then you will love PDF to Keynote.

Maily is an email app for little kids that let’s them draw/write a message and then send it to a selected group of family members and friends.

Timehop launches an iOS app that takes you back in time to see your photos and social updates from *this exact day* in history.

Typekit and Google teaming up for a new free font service.


Feeling a little bit worn? Need to upgrade your body? We've been doing it for a long time. An overview of more recent advances (PDF) and a near-future timeline. Check out Upgrade Your Body's catalog of artificial eyes, exoskeletons, hearts (more hearts!), cryonic solutions, augmented reality products, bone repairing, implantable sensors, and more. Why not hack your medical devices or get your own printed prosthetics while you're at it.


How To Recover Deleted Voicemail On An iPhone

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