Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tech Links: April 11, 2012

City Maps is an app that displays Store Logos
The future of all maps: include a view that is ‘logos’, just like streets or satellite.


Infographic: Google’s Algorithm Changes

Infographic: How To Get More Clicks On Your Tweets  

Infographic: Instant America

Infographic: Social Media Demographics

Infographic: World Top 10 Internet IPOs


8 Amazing Technological Advancements in Today’s Prisons


Find My iPad, Find Their 780 Pounds of Meth

Just beating Bank of America, Consumerist readers have voted Electronic Arts the worst company in America

"NASA is one of the few institutions I know that can inspire five-year-olds. It sure inspired me, and with this endeavor, maybe we can inspire a few more youth to invent and explore." An undersea expendition funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has discovered the spent rocket engines used to power Apollo 11.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a billion dollars. Facebook has bought Instagram for $1 billion in a combination of cash and shares of Facebook. This is striking for since Instagram was valued at $500 million last week, though, right before the purchase they raised $50 million in venture capitol showing they have the ability to raise lots of money quickly. Instagram is notable for having 30 million users despite having been iOS-only until recently creating an Android app. Facebook had been rumored to be working on a photo sharing app, however, like Microsoft buying Skype, the user base was may have been real value, not the easily replicable technology. For those that rue this news, there are alternatives to host your sepia toned cell phone pictures.

Video-Game Companies Agree to Close Sex Offenders’ Online Accounts

Reading & Discussion

Al Franken: How Privacy Has Become an Antitrust Issue

It’s probably not unrealistic to say that porn makes up 30% of the total data transferred across the internet.

Twitter is being used as a crime-fighting tool by a tech-savvy village chief in Kenya. Francis Kariuki, the administrative chief of Lanet Umoja, has used the micro-blogging site for everything from tracking down missing sheep to stopping home invasions.

Web developer Justin Watt was staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Times Square, New York and using the hotel wifi to access the Internet. He noticed some strangeness on his website... and on every other website he visited (not to mention YouTube was broken.) : "In short, Marriott is injecting JavaScript into the HTML of every webpage its hotel customers view for the purpose of injecting ads (and in the meantime, breaking YouTube). Marriott’s wireless internet service provider is a third-party company called Hotel Internet Services, so it is possible, though unlikely, that Marriott doesn’t know what’s going on. But it’s crazy to me that I’m paying $368 a night for a hotel room, and this is how I get treated."

Resources & Software

Google Maps vs OpenStreetMap vs others: the article and the tool


High resolution wiring diagram of a brain reveals astonishing simplicity. 


These Are The Prices AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Charge For Cellphone Wiretaps. After a flurry of public records requests to over 200 police departments, the ACLU has obtained a trove of documents detailing police tracking of cell phone location, call logs and more, including a price list for subscriber information from every major US carrier.


How do I find Waldo with Mathematica?

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