Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Link Round-Up: April 24, 2012

Lickable Wallpaper Installed in a London Elevator

Check out this Lickable Wallpaper installed in a London elevator

For centuries, ships navigated by the stars. Thousands of ships' logs representing hundreds of thousands of position readings were diligently recorded by sailors for a future use they never could have imagined: 100 years of ocean travel 1750 to 1850.

Here’s an image blog with a topic I’d never have expected to see: Context-free patent art. Most of it is related to video games, but they’re also kind of humorous to think about being actually used.

In 1942, as part of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. government acquired 70,000 acres of land in Eastern Tennessee and established a secret town called Oak Ridge. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge office recently started to digitize its collection of archival photos and share them. Here's some archival film of the construction of Oak Ridge during the WWII Manhattan Project.

Kveendolnitza is a point-n-click adventure in the same vein as Samoroast, so enjoy weird creatures, strange puzzles, and plenty of unique architecture. And don’t forget to find all those secrets the ancients left behind, too…

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