Friday, November 16, 2012

Tech Links: November 16, 2012

This graphic shows the evolution of the scrollbar from Xerox Star (1981) to OS X Lion (2011).


Are ‘second-hand e-books’ possible?

Taxing Amazon: An investigation

What's It Like To Work For Tim Cook? A Former Apple Sales Exec Dishes


Writing Poems With Google


"The Surface's Keyboard Cover Is Literally Coming Apart at the Seams."  (Hard to believe, coming from the company that invented the red ring of death.)

Reading & Discussion

How a Robot Will Steal Your Job

I Am A Terrible Programmer. Some words of wisdom from Dan Shipper: "Like most things in life, the answer to what a good coder is, is somewhere in between the guy who wants to get it out fast and the guy who wants to make it beautiful."

No one disputes that the information age raises serious concerns where our civil liberties are concerned, but the ACLU takes paranoia to new heights when it imagines what it might be like to Order Pizza in the future.

Resources & Utilities

Sanebox Is Priority Inbox for Gmail Done Awesome


How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

How to: sell your old gadgets online

Two guides to actually keeping online communications secret.

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