Monday, September 3, 2012

Link Round-Up: September 3, 2012

Google brings its Street View cameras into the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is their largest special Street View collection to date: 6000 panoramic images, including the Apollo 14 module, the Vehicle Assembly Building, Launch Firing Room #4 and Space Shuttle Orbiters Atlantis and Endeavour. Intro Video.

How tall can buildings get, anyway?

The Information Is Beautiful 2012 Awards shortlist has been announced. Categorizes include: Data journalism, Data visualisation, Infographic infodesign, Interactive visualisation, Motion infographic, and Tool or website is a subscription service that has found some creative thinkers, bloggers and creators of lovely things – and offered them a channel to share what they produce with us. Or, put more simply, for $25 a quarter a clever person sends you something that will hopefully interest, amazed or make you feel good. You can see a list of the contributors here, and subscribe right away.

Ten things you may not know about the solar system

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