Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Link Round-Up: August 28, 2012

Hippity hoppity Google Fiber stickers. Let’s get some googly eyes and these fluffy bunnies and we’ll be all set. 
Get it? “Googly” eyes?

Google Fiber Stickers
Source: Google+

Top 10 Oddest Things People Have Used Facebook For

12 Of The Scariest-Looking Animals On Earth

Beloit College examines the cultural backdrop and assumptions of those new college freshpeople headed for, or currently wandering their new college home: Class of 2016 Mindset List

Citizen science refers to science conducted by average persons, e.g., people who are not full- or part-time professional scientists but nevertheless have a keen interest in scientific inquiry. Citizen Science Center is a resource for books, papers, discussions, and project listings related to citizen science that aims to convince you to get your hands dirty and do science now.

Researchers in the Earth Sciences and Art departments at Syracuse University melt basalt and make their own lava flows for science and art! Here's the project's homepage, including videos. Via: Make blog

Start Your Own Currency - "In the Catalonia region of Spain, a restaurant and a community garden are part of an experiment in alternative cash--they are accepting a home-grown currency called the Eco as well as the Euro."

What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

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