Friday, June 1, 2012

Daily Links: June 1, 2012

Here's a shot of the extensive home gaming setup of Youtube user 16bitghost. As you can see, he has pretty much every console ever made and custom cabinetry to house it all.  It was posted to Reddit by Samsara_tmh. Take a video tour on his Youtube channel. It's a pretty awe-inspiring sight.

Build a Hovercraft With Your Kids — When Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage built hovercrafts for Mythbusters, he realized that these floating-on-air vehicles were easy to make, not too expensive, and fun. So he built one with his kids. More diy hovercraft fun.

Confessions of a Genius Art Forger — In one of Germany's greatest art scandals, former hippie and talented artist Wolfgang Beltracchi forged dozens of paintings over a period of 35 years, earning millions and fooling top collectors and museums. In a SPIEGEL interview, he reveals how he did it and why he eventually got caught. Art Forger All Smiles After Guilty Plea Seals DealRingleader Reveals He Faked Many More Works

Dominic Wilcox watch sculptures combine vintage timepieces with miniature figures to create unique animated scenes.

The Green Bar is a beautifully-craft steampunk-style wet bar.

“Skyrim Gets Played”, a Skyrim gangster rap song witten and directed by RAWN. It’s available for purchase on iTunes.

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