Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tech Links: May 22, 2012

Bio Computer, A PC That Doubles as a Planter
Bio Computer by tech enthusiast Mike Schropp is a homebuilt computer that doubles as a planter for wheatgrass. The heat from the CPU warms the soil above, which aids in the germination and growth of the wheatgrass. Schropp built Bio Computer for his five year old son.


In five minutes, Dan Benjamin graciously and honestly recollects and signs off the 120-episode technology/Apple podcast The Talk Show. (can't listen? summary of remarks). Benjamin co-hosted TTS with writer John Gruber, who on Friday controversially announced he was taking the show to Mule Syndicate alone.

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal published a comic entitled "Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived.." Alex Knapp at Forbes responds with "Nikola Tesla Wasn't God And Thomas Edison Wasn't The Devil" Inman responds to the response very succinctly.


Google Chrome Leapfrogs Internet Explorer as the Web's Top Browser

The Facebook IPO in Perspective

New Google+ Study Reveals Minimal Social Activity, Weak User Engagement Fast Company summarizes a new study from RJMetrics that looks at public posts, +1s, replies and reshares on Google+. It concludes "the average post on Google+ has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share." Google replies that public posts are a poor metric of user activity; Fast Company replies that "Google has refused to provide clear figures and metrics for its social network's active user base" and links to Danny Sullivan's "brilliant rundown of Google's lack of transparency on the subject" - If Google’s Really Proud Of Google+, It Should Share Some Real User Figures. There was also Wil Wheaton's recent angry "Oh, go fuck yourself, Google" rant in response to a recent experiment replacing YouTube's "like" button with a Google+ button for a small number of users, thus requiring them to sign up for Google+ before they can 'like' a YouTube video. Is Google Forcing Google+ Down People’s Throats?

Your Brain on Facebook

Reading & Discussion

Being deaf: a programmer's personal account of being the only deaf employee at a startup.

Computer Programming for All: A New Standard of Literacy

The Tragedy of the Internet Commons


Are Smart Phones Spreading Faster than Any Technology in Human History?

Wearing a Computer Is Good for You


How to Balloon Map Your Neighborhood, Google Maps Style

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